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Commission prices!


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• Payment will be in Euro
• Please pay me in advance, and when sending the payment through Paypal, include your DA username. ^^
• To place a commission order, fill out this form and send it to me in a note titled "Requesting Commission":

Type of commission: [sketch, lineart, B&W, colored, shaded)
Subject: [1 girl, 2 boys, 3 cats etc.]
Amount: [Bust, half-body, full body, chibi]
Background: [None, all white, all black, transparent, sky, grass, etc.]
Details: [anything you want to add]
Your Paypal account e-mail:
Your primary e-mail:

Feel free to link me images for style reference. I enjoy trying new styles, so if there is a particular style you wish me to employ I'll do my best to imitate it.


• Pornography/yuri/yaoi
• Detailed realism
• Anthro/Furries
• Mecha / Robots / Gundam



I know it all looks weird and shitty right now xD

ugh HTML



[Kinnikuman Nisei] Character design by VoxVulpina
[Kinnikuman Nisei] Character design
Remember back when Yude asked Nisei fans to submit their own original Choujins? Well, disappointed by the complete lack of Scottish characters in manga, I came up at the time with a ginger-haired Scottish lass. Purely for the fun of it, of course, since imo there isn’t really much point handing Yude a female character unless you want her to have melon-breasts that inevitably wind up being groped or bared for one reason or another. D:

I never actually gave the girl a name (lol) so let’s call her Morag. In keeping with the classic Kinnikuman spirit, she’s a walking talking stereotype. Her attacks all have daft names like Haggis Punch (makes mincemeat of your insides!), Thistle Kancho (involves sticking a thistle up the enemy’s arse) and Tartan Bruiser (ends with the unfortunate victim covered in extensive multi-coloured bruising). Her favorite food and drink are fried Mars bars and Irn-Bru, and she only shops at Lidl because, you know, it’s cheaper than Marks and Spencer. Some poor prat once jokingly likened her to a Highland cow (shaggy orange hair, horns, get iiit???) and the nickname sort of stuck, so all Morag can do now is hiss “Who’re you calling a cow, you glaikit sumph!” at baffled non-English-speaking announcers unaware of the insulting connotation of the word.

Btw, she’s not meant to be cow-themed, I just fancied drawing oni horns like Lum’s. Highland cow horns are very different, having a pair of those would make Morag look like Buffaloman’s second cousin twice removed (and what a hassle getting through doorways)! *laughs*




Artist | Student | Digital Art


Also known as November_Fox
Artist | Student | Superhero-in-training
Hi everyone! Thanks for coming by!
I'm an Art student, 22, based in Rome. I like drawing fanart pertaining to the comics and books
I read and the movies and shows I follow, so you can expect to see stuff ranging from Teen Titans
to Naruto to Harry Potter to FMA to whatever else strikes my fancy.

Depending on the moment, I may or may not take requests and commissions. Keep an eye on the commissions box!


After a long and unannounced hiatus...I'm back!
And happy to announce that I'm freshly graduated from my university with a degree in Illustration and Animation.
Had to barricade myself in my flat and lived and breathed my thesis for at least 5 months straight, but got it done in the end.

I ought to have announced I was taking a break instead of letting everyone think I'd died, but I didn't really intend to go on hiatus: it just kind of happened. My thesis grew tentacles and wrapped itself around me. >.>

I'm quite satisfied with the end result though, and it was very well-received. I produced a short (20-page, more or less) black-and-white graphic novel on the topic of miscarriage. I might post it to my Tumblr sooner or later, but I'm taking my time deciding when and how, as the subject matter has a special significance to me and I can't help feeling somewhat private about it.

Anyways, for folk who need to get in touch with me about work, play or what-have-you, I'm easier to get hold of through Tumblr at . I'll keep checking my Deviantart regularly, but updates may be less frequent.





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