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Dragon Ball Group by VoxVulpina
Dragon Ball Group
I was Bulma on my first day of Romics comic con, and managed to meet up with the most amazing DB cosplayers! We had a brilliant Piccolo and Krillin at one point, Master Roshi, SSJ Mirai Trunks and a few others not in the picture. My Namek Dragon Ball held up until the end of the day, then the paint chipped and one of the stars started peeling off. UGH, so I'll have to fix that sooner or later!!

Fandom: Dragon Ball
Character: Namek Bulma
Cosplayer: Me!
Photo: Il Fotografaio Matto
Your Angel of Death awaits~ by VoxVulpina
Your Angel of Death awaits~
I don't usually post anything other than my art on this account, but since I've been gone so long (I was tablet-less for almost a month, then the comic convention started looming and I had to concentrate on finishing up my cosplay outfits) I thought I'd show the world what I've been up to!

I'd been wanting to cosplay Andrea Beaumont/Phantasm for at least a couple of years now- she was my favorite Batman villain when I was little. I got the feeling she's a fairly obscure character, though, since NO ONE at the con could figure out who I was cosplaying...even with Phantasm's trademark scythe on my arm! Oh well D:
Not sure whether I'll be posting any other pics here, but I'll definitely be putting them on Instagram, if anyone is interested in seeing more: [link]

Character: Andrea Beaumont, the Phantasm
Cosplayer: me!
The Wind and the Dog by VoxVulpina
The Wind and the Dog
I was rereading Inuyasha for the first time in years…and unexpectedly fell head over heels for willful, cheeky, free-spirited Kagura! Her relationship with Sesshomaru is, subtly, very sweet- he always lets her get away with pulling all kinds of crap, which, coming from someone as unforgiving as Sesshomaru, is very telling. *giggles*



Artist | Student | Digital Art


Also known as November_Fox
Artist | Student | Superhero-in-training
Hi everyone! Thanks for coming by!
I'm an Art student, 22, based in Rome. I like drawing fanart pertaining to the comics and books
I read and the movies and shows I follow, so you can expect to see stuff ranging from Teen Titans
to Naruto to Harry Potter to FMA to whatever else strikes my fancy.

Depending on the moment, I may or may not take requests and commissions. Keep an eye on the commissions box!


After a long and unannounced hiatus...I'm back!
And happy to announce that I'm freshly graduated from my university with a degree in Illustration and Animation.
Had to barricade myself in my flat and lived and breathed my thesis for at least 5 months straight, but got it done in the end.

I ought to have announced I was taking a break instead of letting everyone think I'd died, but I didn't really intend to go on hiatus: it just kind of happened. My thesis grew tentacles and wrapped itself around me. >.>

I'm quite satisfied with the end result though, and it was very well-received. I produced a short (20-page, more or less) black-and-white graphic novel on the topic of miscarriage. I might post it to my Tumblr sooner or later, but I'm taking my time deciding when and how, as the subject matter has a special significance to me and I can't help feeling somewhat private about it.

Anyways, for folk who need to get in touch with me about work, play or what-have-you, I'm easier to get hold of through Tumblr at . I'll keep checking my Deviantart regularly, but updates may be less frequent.



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