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Commission prices!


 photo CommissionsFinal_zpsba3f845a.png


• Payment will be in Euro
• Please pay me in advance, and when sending the payment through Paypal, include your DA username. ^^
• To place a commission order, fill out this form and send it to me in a note titled "Requesting Commission":

Type of commission: [sketch, lineart, B&W, colored, shaded)
Subject: [1 girl, 2 boys, 3 cats etc.]
Amount: [Bust, half-body, full body, chibi]
Background: [None, all white, all black, transparent, sky, grass, etc.]
Details: [anything you want to add]
Your Paypal account e-mail:
Your primary e-mail:

Feel free to link me images for style reference. I enjoy trying new styles, so if there is a particular style you wish me to employ I'll do my best to imitate it.


• Pornography/yuri/yaoi
• Detailed realism
• Anthro/Furries
• Mecha / Robots / Gundam



I know it all looks weird and shitty right now xD

ugh HTML



Rose and Gemini by VoxVulpina
Rose and Gemini
DC Comics' Rose Wilson and Gemini DeMille (daughter of supervillain Madame Rouge). 
Years ago I was on a DC Comics RP board where Rose and Gem had teamed up after Rosey ditched the Titans. Red Hood later came to be part of the madness, the three of them sharing a flat/getting on one another's nerves and playing pranks (it was mostly Gem and Rose vs Jason lmao)/grocery shopping together/going out to buy a Christmas tree etc etc. And of course they all had super-secret "ulterior motives". Except maybe Gemini, who was innocent of wrongdoing for a change. We had loads of fun RPing those three together. Aaaand I even left enough space in the pic to eventually add Red Hood (if I have time and actually get around to it, lol).

In any case, Rose and Gemini were the focus of the original drawing, which I made years ago for my RP-buddy Gem. Hope you like this newer version, Gemmy *blows kisses* 
Marte by VoxVulpina
I just really badly wanted to draw kiddy-Mars wearing the Italian national soccer team hoodie, then kind of expanded on it lmao.
Pretty sure Mars must have been some sort of soccer prodigy as a kid, or he wouldn't have those ginormous legs and a penchant for kicking chunks of concrete around. And yes, I  know the Swallow Tail is really just a part of his wrestling get-up, but I'm just too attached to the mental image of Mars actually having a real tail he can stick into people who annoy him.

"Io non ho mai paura" is one of Mars' lines from the Italian dub of Ultimate Muscle, and translates to "I'm never afraid". "Marte", obviously, is Italian for Mars.
As for the Carnival mask, kids in Italy always dress up during the month of February- it's kinda like Halloween in the USA.

It’s nice that Italy got cool representation in Kinnikuman Nisei- the only Italian fighter in the old Kinnikuman series was that crab Chojin who lost to Kinnikuman at Rock Paper Scissors, I think. So uncool (sorry, Kani Base >.>). 
Kinnikuman WAGs by VoxVulpina
Kinnikuman WAGs
From left to right:

Alisa Mackintosh, Oxford graduate and wife of Robin Mask;
Bibimba Horumon, warrior and princess of the Horumon tribe, betrothed to Kinnikuman;
Natsuko Shono, Japanese journalist and Terryman's girlfriend.
Unmasked Red X by VoxVulpina
Unmasked Red X
I know, I know, my account is slowly but surely turning into Wilson-kids Central (with a healthy dose of Starfire on the side).

A quickie using India ink, depicting Slade's eldest son Grant as the infamous Red X. Because I subscribe to THAT theory! 
Young Mar'i Grayson by VoxVulpina
Young Mar'i Grayson
A young Nightstar, daughter of Koriand'r and Dick Grayson. She only had a few appearances in comics but still managed to become a huge fan-favorite...must be the cool design and color scheme! 
Though I couldn't quite decide whether to make her orange-y like her mum, or just somewhat dark-skinned.

Young Rose Wilson here.



Artist | Student | Digital Art


Also known as November_Fox
Artist | Student | Superhero-in-training
Hi everyone! Thanks for coming by!
I'm an Art student, 22, based in Rome. I like drawing fanart pertaining to the comics and books
I read and the movies and shows I follow, so you can expect to see stuff ranging from Teen Titans
to Naruto to Harry Potter to FMA to whatever else strikes my fancy.

Depending on the moment, I may or may not take requests and commissions. Keep an eye on the commissions box!


After a long and unannounced hiatus...I'm back!
And happy to announce that I'm freshly graduated from my university with a degree in Illustration and Animation.
Had to barricade myself in my flat and lived and breathed my thesis for at least 5 months straight, but got it done in the end.

I ought to have announced I was taking a break instead of letting everyone think I'd died, but I didn't really intend to go on hiatus: it just kind of happened. My thesis grew tentacles and wrapped itself around me. >.>

I'm quite satisfied with the end result though, and it was very well-received. I produced a short (20-page, more or less) black-and-white graphic novel on the topic of miscarriage. I might post it to my Tumblr sooner or later, but I'm taking my time deciding when and how, as the subject matter has a special significance to me and I can't help feeling somewhat private about it.

Anyways, for folk who need to get in touch with me about work, play or what-have-you, I'm easier to get hold of through Tumblr at . I'll keep checking my Deviantart regularly, but updates may be less frequent.




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